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Tattoo and piercing shop Louisville, CO

Art takes many forms, and, at Inksmith Tattoo and Piercing, our bodies are our canvases. We may like to have fun at our tattoo and piercing shopbut an appreciation for this unique art form is what drives us. Our talented tattoo artists and professional piercers passionately create lasting and meaningful works of art. We help our clients stand out and express themselves through body art.

Designed with quality and your own artistic vision in mind, our tattoos and piercings are beyond the normal. Call us today if you'd like to schedule a consultation or would like to learn more!

Custom Tattoos & Piercings

Since our start in 2012, Inksmith Tattoo and Piercing has ensured that each of our clients walks away from our parlor with a tattoo or body piercing that they absolutely love. Whether you're seeking one of our inked tattoo designs or a major piercing, we are always happy to serve you.

Customization should not be limited; after all, your self expression depends on our tattoos and piercings. Tattoos small or big will be designed with care to precisely match your original idea and to compliment your anatomy.

Plus, your safety and overall experience are always on the minds of our tattoo artists.

Piercings are no exception to our high standards! From children's lobe piercings to septum rings, we'll provide you with safe, hand-selected, and implant-grade jewelry that matches your style. As with all services, we send you home with all the aftercare steps you'll need for your mark or hole to properly heal.

Our Services Include

Tattoos | Piercings
Little Lobes (Lobe piercings for children 12 and under!)
Full Body Waxing 
Eyebrow Tinting 

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Are you looking for a body masterpiece? All you have to do to learn more about Inksmith Tattoo and Piercing is call us or fill out the form down below.

Inksmith Tattoo and Piercing is located at 565 E S Boulder Rd in Louisville, CO.

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Business Hours:

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